White Oak Quercus alba
Family: Fagaceae (Beech)
Branching: Alternate

The lobes of White Oak leaves are more regular and not as deeply cut as Bur Oak.  Though there is much variation on leaves on the same tree (this is true for all Oaks) they will always lack the very deeply indented middle lobe that Bur Oak has.  The bark is also looser, often acquiring a shaggy appearance.  This is especially evident about half-way to three-quarters up the trunk of a mature tree where large sections of bark are loose on one side.

Winter twig of White Oak, with a retained leaves.

Another view of the end buds, clustered as Oaks usually are.

White Oak leaf.  As with most Oaks, these leaves are highly variable.

Young White Oak bark

The bark on a mature tree can remain somewhat shaggy,
especially about halfway up the trunk.

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