Bur Oak Quercus macrocarpa
Fagaceae (Beech)
Branching: Alternate
Other names: Mossycup Oak

Bur Oak is in the White Oak group.  It is quite common in southern Ontario and often mature trees are found growing along the edges of fields.  In the winter, mature trees are very conspicuous, especially when growing out in the open.  They are very large, with huge branches.  As far as volume goes, they are often the largest trees in the area.  Young bark often has corky ridges, but they are not always obvious.  The other distinctive feature is the acorns, which have a shaggy cap

Bur Oak end buds

Another view of and end bud.  The "hairy" shoots off the top are quite common.

Lateral bud

Another view of the Bur Oak winter twig

Corky ridges beginning to form on a twig

Another view of the corky ridges

Mature bark becomes somewhat furrowed, but still slightly scaly

Another mature Bur Oak

The shaggy cap of a Bur Oak acorn

The distintive Bur Oak leaf, with one very deeply indented lobe in the middle.

A mature Bur Oak

A closer view of the bark of a mature Bur Oak

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