Wayfaring-tree Viburnum lantana
Family: Caprifoliaceae (Honeysuckle)
Branching: Opposite

This is an introduced small tree that stands out because of its naked, hairy buds.  Its buds resemble three other Viburnums: Hobblebush, Nannyberry, and Wild-raisin.  The most distinctive feature of Wayfaring-tree in regards to these other species are its large rounded flower buds.  Also, since the others are native, they are more likely to be found outside a city.

Winter twig and buds of Wayfaring-tree

Winter twig, showing the distinctive flower bud

A closer view of the lateral bud and leaf scar (with three vein scars)

Fruit cluster with dried fruits still hanging on it.

Another view of the flower bud

Lateral buds

More lateral buds, this time at the end of the twig

Another close-up of a lateral bud and leaf scar, showing the "powdery hair"
characteristic shared with the other three Viburnums mentioned above.

Mature bark of Wayfaring-tree

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