Red Elm Ulmus rubra
Family: Ulmaceae (Elm)
Branching: Alternate
Other names: Slippery Elm

Red Elm is similar to White Elm, but its buds are quite hairy, especially at the tips, where the hairs are very reddish-brown.  The buds are not as pointed as White or Cork Elm, though not nearly as rounded as Siberian Elm.  Its bark is more uniform in colour than the other two native Elms, but not as tight as Siberian.  The bark of the twigs tends to be a bit more grey than White or Cork Elms, and more similar to Siberian.  When leaves are found, they are larger than White Elm and are very rough and sandpapery on top.

Winter twig of Red Elm

Another view of the Winter twig of Red Elm

Another view of the winter twig

End bud of Red Elm.  Notice the reddish hairs on the end of the bud

End bud and lateral bud

Lateral bud of Red Elm

Lateral bud and leaf scar

The bark of Red Elm peels off very easily, giving rise to its other common name: Slippery Elm

Young Bark

Middle-aged bark of Red Elm

Mature, but still fairly young bark

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