Forsythia Forsythia spp.
Family: Oleaceae (Olive)
Branching: Opposite

This Asian shrubs are commonly planted in gardens for their numerous yellow flowers in the spring.  They are occasionally found in the woodlots near cities.  They are a multi-stemmed shrub superficially similar to Honeysuckles.  Their flower buds have several scales, with the upper ones a darker brown and the lower ones similar in colour to the light brown bark.  There are often several above a leaf scar.  The seed pods are often found in the winter (they somewhat resemble Lilac)

End bud and lateral buds of Forsythia

Another view of the twig.  Notice the colour of the bud scales

Lateral flower buds are often stacked on top of each other

Often there are many flower buds clumped together

Fruit casings are often found through the winter

An especially large Forsythia, showing the dense multi-stemmed growth

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