Honeysuckle Lonicera spp.
Family: Caprifoliaceae (Honeysuckle)
Branching: Opposite

Honeysuckles are multi-stemmed shrubs that often grow to about the height of a person.  There are native and introduced species and apparently they can be differentiated by the presence or absence of a hollow pith (hollow = introduced; see picture below).  As a group, they are easily spotted with light gray stems and distinctive buds.  But the species themselves are sometimes difficult, especially in the winter.  Some species of Honeysuckle are vines

Winter twig of a Honeysuckle.  Notice there are sometimes several buds on top of each other.

Lateral bud on an older twig

Another view of the lateral bud and leaf scar

The hollow stem, showing that this particular plant is an introduced variety.

Older bark becomes shreddy and distinctive

Another view of the maturing bark.

Multi-stemmed growth form very typical (it doesn't look as obvious in the picture!)

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