European Filbert Corylus avellana
Family: Betualaceae (Birch)
Branching: Alternate
Other names: European Hazelnut

This is a relative of our own two native Hazelnuts: Beaked and American.  It is the source of commercial hazelnuts and attempts have been made to cultivate it here.  However, it is susceptible to disease, so it hasn't really caught on locally and is less likely to be found as an escapee.  It resembles the Birches more than the other Hazelnuts do, though it is certainly closer to American Hazelnut than Beaked.

Winter twig of European Filbert (the buds are plumper than the native hazelnuts)

Another view of the winter twig

Another view of the winter twig

Lateral bud and leaf scar

End bud of European Filbert

Like other members of the Birch family, European Filbert has catkins

Bark of European Filbert

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