Winged Sumac Rhus copallina
Family: Anacardiaceae (Cashew)
Branching: Alternate
Other names: Shining Sumac

A southern shrub, somewhat resembling Staghorn or Smooth Sumac.  It is a more slender plant than either of those two, with smaller features.  It usually has thinner twigs and smaller fruit clusters.  The twigs are covered in a very fine hairy that is almost velvety.  The fruit clusters are not as red as the other two, and are often seen bending over at the stalk and hanging.  When leaves are found, they have a fringe or wing down the midrib, hence the common name.

Winter twig of Winged Sumac

Another view of the winter twig

Closeup of the lateral bud and leaf scar.  Like other Sumacs, they lack an obvious end bud.

The fruit of Winged Sumac, often bending over at the stalk.

A small grove of Winged Sumac

Young Winged Sumac bark

Young bark beginning to split

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