White Poplar Populus alba
Family: Salicaceae (Willow)
Branching: Alternate

This is a European species and is often used in landscaping.  Sometimes it escapes and forms thickets.  It is usually very distinctive, with its very hairy leaves and buds, but can look similar to Trembling and Large-toothed Aspen at times.  Its mature bark is usually the darkest of the genus and there is usually a very distinct contrast between the mature bark at the base and lighter, smoother younger bark on the top half of the tree.

End bud of White Poplar, with fine white hairs (usually more than Large-toothed Aspen)

Another view of the end bud

The fine white hairs rub off easily

Lateral bud

A less hairy bud

Young bark

Bark acquiring the diamond-shaped fissures

Mature White Poplars

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