White Pine Pinus strobus
Family: Pinaceae (Pine)
Branching: Evergreen
Other names: Eastern White Pine

White Pine is the only pine in Ontario with needles in bundles of five.  It is also the only one with smooth bark when young, although this changes to a dark and furrowed when mature.  It is a characteristic tree in most of Ontario's forests and it doesn't take long to recognize it.  The needles are thinner and more fluffy looking than the other pines.   Mature trees can be some of the tallest trees in the area and often stand out above others.

White Pine needles

Another view of the needles

White Pine needles are in bundles of five

Young White Pine bark is smooth

Mature bark is dark and furrowed.

A closer look at the mature bark

Distinctive form of a mature tree in the open

White Pine cone, the longest of north-eastern pines

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