Tulip-tree Liriodendron tulipifera
Family: Magnoliaceae (Magnolia)
Branching: Alternate
Other names: Tulip Poplar, Yellow Poplar

This tree is a southern species, and not very common in Ontario.  It is found growing naturally in several locations in Southern Ontario and it commonly planted.  Like other members of the Magnolia family, the twigs have rings around them at the leaf scars.  The buds are fairly distinctive, as is the scent of crushed or broken twigs.

End buds and lateral buds for Tulip Tree

Another view of the winter twig

Lateral bud and leaf scar.  Notice the ring around the twig at the leaf scar

Young bark

Bark as it's beginning split

The remains of the fruit

Often these fruits are still seen in the winter

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