Sheep-laurel Kalmia angustifolia
Family: Ericaceae (Heath)
Branching: Whorled / Evergreen

Sheep-laurel is a low shrub (knee height), often found in wettish areas in forests.  It stands out in the winter as a result of its evergreen whorled leaves, which very closely resemble the evergreen leaves of Labrador-tea.  The two are found in similar areas, as well (though Labrador-tea likes water more).  The main difference is under the leaf.  Sheep-laurel is smooth and Labrador-tea is covered with thick, rusty-coloured hairs underneath.

The distinctive growth form of Sheep-laurel (similar to Labrador-tea)

The smooth underside of Sheep-laurel leaves

The top of the plant

The fruits are usually visible in the winter, in clusters beneath the leaves

Closeup of the fruits

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