Sand Cherry Prunus pumila
Family: Rosaceae (Rose)
Branching: Alternate
Other names: Dwarf Cherry

This is the smallest member of the cherry group that grows in this area.  It is not common in Ontario, though it may also be overlooked in areas where it is present.  It can simply be a trailing shrub, but usually is somewhat erect.  The buds and twigs are more similar to Pin Cherry than the other cherries.  The larger size of Pin Cherry would be one good indication of species.  Like Pin Cherry, the buds are reddish and fairly rounded, and the terminal buds are often clustered.  However, Sand Cherry often has doubled or tripled lateral buds as well.

Winter twig of Sand Cherry

Another view of the winter twig

Winter twig of Sand Cherry

A double lateral bud and leaf scar

Triple lateral bud and leaf scar

Clustered lateral buds

Bark of Sand Cherry

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