Red-osier Dogwood Cornus stolonifera
Family: Cornaceae (Dogwood)
Branching: Opposite

This species and Silky Dogwood can look very similar and usually they grow in the same habitat (wet areas).  Both are characterized by reddish stems, but Red-osier has white pith (as opposed to brown) and it's mature bark is spotted (and not striped).   In the fall, its fruits are white, while Silky Dogwood fruits are blue.  Red-osier also resembles Roundleaf Dogwood.  In cases where habitat or the distinguishing features of Roundleaf are not conclusive, identification can be very difficult

Red-osier Dogwood end bud.  They can be fuzzy like Silky Dogwood.  

Lateral buds

A closer look at a lateral bud and leaf scar

The pith of Red-osier Dogwood is white, unlike the tan pith of Silky Dogwood

Red-osier bark.  It has raised lumps near the base that persist as it ages, unlike Silky which becomes striped.

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