Redbud Cercis canadensis
Family: Caesalphiniaceae (Cassia)
Branching: Alternate

This small tree is a southern species, but very commonly planted in Ontario for its abundant spring flowers.  Usually the seed pods are present through the winter (they look similar to Black Locust pods, but the ripe seeds inside are not attached to the pod).  Redbud flowers sprout off of the main stem, and not just the ends of branches, so flower buds can be found on much bigger branches than a normal tree.

Redbud winter twig and end bud

Twigs are dark reddish brown, with white spots

Lateral bud

Sometimes there are more than one bud per leaf scar

Redbud seed pods

The pods are similar to Black Locust, but the individual seeds appear loose in the pod

Young bark

Older bark

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