Red Ash Fraxinus pennsylvanica
Family: Oleaceae (Olive)
Branching: Opposite

Red Ash, while similar in general appearance to the other Ashes, distinguished by its densely hairy twigs.   It is very similar to Green Ash, which is essentially a hairless variety of Red Ash (and there are intermediate crosses with varying amounts of hair).  The mature bark of both exhibit the diamond-shape pattern, but not to the degree that White Ash does.  Like other ashes, they are often afflicted by a gall-making insect that causes the males flowers to remain on the tree through the winter.

Red Ash twig. 

The velvety surface of the twig is very obvious here.

The tips of the Red Ash keys.  Notice the notch.  They share that characteristic with Black Ash,
though sometimes fruits of both species are without notches.

Mature bark of a Red Ash

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