Northern Pin Oak Quercus ellipsoidalis
Family: Fagaceae (Beech)
Branching: Alternate
Other names: Pin Oak, Jack Oak

This is a rare tree in Canada, and resembles the uncommon Pin Oak.  Both are characterized by distinctive lower branches which curve downward, while the higher branches point up.  Like most Oaks, it is highly variable, and apparently hybridizes with Black Oak, which is bears a resemblance to anyway.  Northern Pin Oak twigs are slender and the buds are nearly hairless.

End bud(s) of Northern Pin Oak

Another view of the twig.  

Closeup of a lateral bud and leaf scar

Another view of the winter twig.  The buds can be slightly hairy

Mature bark

Another view of a mature tree

Typical shape of Northern Pin Oak leaf.  However these, as with all Oaks, are highly variable
and should not be relied on as they can vary more on one tree than from species to species.

Acorn of Northern Pin Oak

Oak "apple gall" caused by a small insect.  These are common on many oaks

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