Large-toothed Aspen Populus grandidentata
Family: Salicaceae (Willow)
Branching: Alternate
Other names: Bigtooth Aspen

Large-toothed and Trembling Aspens look quite similar as mature trees in the winter.  However, when a twig or leaf is available, they can usually be separated.  Large-toothed Aspen buds are usually grayer and are typically covered in fine white hairs.  Young bark, and even mature bark sometimes, tends to have a stronger greenish hue than Trembling Aspen.  When leaves are available (on the ground or still on the tree) they are almost twice the size and have much larger teeth, though both species have flattened leafstalks..

A good example of the white hairs on a Large-toothed Aspen leaf (note, though, that they are not always present!)

Another view of an end bud.   White Poplar can look similar as far as
the white hair goes, but their buds are bigger, rounder, more hairy, and the young bark does not
have the greenish hue.

The winter twig of Large-toothed Aspen

Closeup of the end bud

Young bark, not always this green

Notice the greenish colour of the smooth bark and diamond-
shaped marks as the bark matures and splits (all poplars do that do a degree).

A grove of mature Large-toothed Aspens.  From the ground Large-toothed and Trembling
Aspens are often too similar to be distinguished

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