Common Juniper Juniperus communis
Family: Cupressaceae (Cypress)
Branching: Whorled / Evergreen

This low, spreading shrub is widely distributed in North America.  Unlike the other Junipers (such as Eastern Red-Cedar, which have both needle-like and flattened leaves) Common Juniper has only sharp-pointed needles.  They grow in whorls of three and are thin, whitened underneath, slightly curled under, and very sharply pointed!  Juniper fruits are small bluish "berries" that often have a whitish waxy coating (called a bloom)

The sharp-pointed needles of Common Juniper

The needles are quite white underneath.

Another view of the upper side of the needles

The twigs are ridged vertically

A view of a branch

The whitened underside of the needles, which grow in whorls of three

Juniper "berries"

Another view of the berries.  Notice the pattern on the bottom of them.

Typical growth is low and spreading

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