Indigo-bush Amorpha fruticosa
Family: Fabaceae (Bean/Legume)
Branching: Alternate

This shrub is rare in Ontario, though its showy blue flowers make it a popular ornamental.  As a member of the bean family, its fruits are small pods that grow on long up upright stalks.  The buds are small, and sometimes there are multiple buds above each leaf scar.  Both the buds and the twigs are light brown.  Probably its most distinctive feature in the winter are the long stalks that the small pods grew on.

Winter twig and lateral bud

Another view of the winter twig, showing two lateral buds above a leaf scar

Lateral bud and leaf scar.  Often the leaf scar is raised.

A stalk with some small seed pods still hanging on it.

An upright branch bears numerous flowering stalks (the pods have all fallen off)

Fruit stalks at the top of the plant.  Once again, all the seed pods have fallen off.

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