Horsechestnut Aesculus hippocastanum
Family: Hippocastanaceae (Horsechestnut)
Branching: Opposite

Horsechestnut is an introduced tree that is commonly planted in cities.  It rarely escapes, though.  Generally identification is easy, as it has stout twigs and huge end buds.  The buds are very very sticky with resin when they warm up.  In the spring, when its buds begin to open it is very distinctive.  Mature bark develops scales in plate-like pieces.  The native Buckeye is similar, though rare.

The huge end bud of Horsechestnut

Another view of the end bud

Leaf scars on the twig

Closer view of a leaf scar

The spiny casing of the nut

The nut itself

Older bark as it starts to peel in plates

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