Hackberry Celtis occidentalis
Family: Ulmaceae (Elm)
Branching: Alternate

This is a member of the Elm family and shares its characteristic branching (this year's twigs branch of in a horizontal plane from last year's branch.  It is very obvious from the ground in the winter).  Hackberry is one of the few trees that has corky bark (Rock Elm, Bur Oak, and Black Ash are some others).  This is mainly evident when it is young.  Mature bark scales into plates.  Hackberry also has a chambered pith, though it is not always obvious.

Hackberry twig

Lateral bud

Another view of the winter twig

Hackberry has chambered pith, though it's not always obvious

The distinctive corky bark of Hackberry

As the bark ages, it peels into plate-like sections

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