Flowering Dogwood Cornus florida
Family: Cornaceae (Dogwood)
Branching: Opposite
Other names: Eastern Flowering Dogwood

This is typically the largest Dogwood in this range, regularly growing to the size of a small tree.  In the spring its showy white "flowers" (actually the enlarged leafy structures surrounding the flowers) make it a common ornamental.  It is a southern tree, and mostly just found in southern Ontario.  Most of these pictures were taken in early spring so the buds are more enlarged than they would normally be.

Winter twig of Flowering Dogwood.  The flower bud is large and bulbous

Another view of the flower bud

Winter twig of Flowering Dogwood (picture taken in December)

The lateral buds are very small and not easily seen, but the leaf
scar meets in the middle of twig, almost like a sheath.

Closeup of the leaf scar

These buds are starting to open, but this shows the dark maroon colour of the winter twig

Young bark acquires a faint striping effect similar to Silky and Alternate-leaved Dogwoods

Slightly older bark

Mature bark acquires squarish scaly plates (this is still a fairly young plant)

A retained fruit of Flowering Dogwood

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