Dwarf Chinquapin Oak Quercus prinoides
Family: Fagaceaee (Beech)
Branching: Alternate
Other names: Dwarf Chestnut Oak, Chinquapin Oak

This is a very small tree, typically about the size of a person, and it is quite uncommon in Ontario.  It resembles the more common Chinquapin Oak in the summer, as it has similar shaped leaves,  In the winter, Dwarf Chinquapin has more rounded buds, and can often be identified by its small size (a full-sized Oak would not typically have acorns while that small).

Winter twig of Dwarf Chinquapin Oak

Another view of the winter Twig.

Another view of the winter twig

End buds

Dead leaf of Dwarf Chinquapin Oak

The cap of a Dwarf Chinquapin Oak acorn


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