Corktree Phellodendron amurense
Rutaceae (Citrus/Rue)
Branching: Opposite
Other names: Amur Corktree

These are small trees imported from eastern Asia that are commonly planted in cities.  This is an easily recognizes tree with several distinctive features.  As the name suggests, the bark is quite corky.  The leaf scars almost entirely encircle the small hairy buds.  Although this arrangement can resemble Sumacs as well as some other plants, this is the only opposite tree that has these sort of leaf scars and buds.  Also the clusters of fruits are often very conspicuous in the winter.

Winter twig of a Corktree.  The leaf scar and bud combination on an opposite tree are distinctive

Another view of the lateral bud and leaf scar

End buds are often paired and not very conspicuous due to their small size.

The fruit clusters are often visible in the winter

Closeup of the fruits

Bark ridges have a corky texture

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