Chestnut Castanea dentata
Family: Fagaceae (Beech)
Branching: Alternate

The fate of one of Eastern North America's most magnificent trees is quite well known.  Since the accidental introduction of the Chestnut blight, very few large trees have survived.  In general Chestnut has taken a much bigger hit than the Elms have from the Dutch Elm Disease and very few remain.  However, smaller specimens, usually from larger root stocks or stumps, have still persisted.  And occasionally a mature tree can be found.  Buds have 2 to 3 scales (the scale themselves aren't too obvious) and are asymmetrical, somewhat resembling Mulberries.

Winter twig of Chestnut

End bud of Chestnut

Lateral bud and leaf scar

Winter twig, showing the asymmetrical buds of Chestnut

A closer view of a lateral bud and leaf scar

Winter twig, showing vertical ridges along the twig

A lateral bud on a larger branch

Young bark

A Chestnut leaf, superficially similar to a Beech leaf

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