Amur Maple Acer ginnala
Family: Aceraceae (Maple)
Branching: Opposite

This is a small ornamental tree from Asia.  It has a wide and spreading crown, but is usually not very tall.  Like Manitoba Maple, it often retains its keys through the best part of the winter.  Its buds and leaf scars are unique among the maples in their appearance, and doesn't closely resemble the other maples we have here..

Winter twig of Amur Maple

Lateral buds and leaf scars.  The buds are small, and leaf scars ledge-like

Another view of the lateral buds

Closeup of a bud and leaf scar

Terminal bud of Amur Maple 

Terminal buds are occasionally paired

Keys of Amur Maple.  The two sides easily break apart from each other.

The stems after the keys have fallen off

Branch of Amur Maple

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